Monday, 31 March 2014

Jhené Aiko - The Worst

A friend of mine recently went to the Drake concert in London’s O2 Arena where she got to see the man himself, plus his supporting acts The Weeknd and Jhené Aiko. I personally thought that this mix of artists was such a brilliant match, because they are all so different in their own way. But what caught me the most was the amazing voice that Jhené Aiko had. I never really got the chance to listen to any of her songs; I did see the odd YouTube video with her in it here and there, but I never really sat down and gave her a chance. So, I sat down…and gave her a chance!


I went in with absolutely no expectations, and she completely blew my mind. Completely at the mercy of YouTube’s drop-down suggestions list, I typed in her name and the first song to come up was The Worst. Now, from what I assume after doing a bit of research into this, this song is a particular favourite for most people…and I understand why. The beat is absolutely sick; the piano mixed with synth-y tones creates this completely chilled zone. With this, her ethereal voice, and her choice of emphasis on words, produces this beautiful track; both complementing each other. The lyrics, captivating every sinew of your body, transport you into this story of love.

“I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, but I want you” – talk about a lyric! I think this one in particular sticks in people’s heads just because it almost sounds like it’s going off-beat, but how she ends it sound so experimental. Then she raps! I mean this lady is seriously talented! I could talk about this song all day long, however that’s not the main focus of this post. I wanted to look at the result of it, i.e. in the form of choreography.

After typing this song on the ol’ YouTube, I wondered whether people had choreographed routines to it…and they had! Dabbling in a bit of dance myself, I definitely appreciated the fact that people choreographed to this song, purely because its beats and lyrical nature could be quite daunting to create a routine to. I know that I would definitely be a bit worried if I don’t do the song justice, but I think I will have to do it (so many ideas brewing right now).

Anyway, this post is specifically inspired and dedicated to the amazing BiancaJean3 (her YouTube username) and her routine to this amazing song. First thing about this dance is…WOW! Honestly, I was extremely inspired by it. She has thought about every sound in her piece, even to the sounds of Aiko breathing. What I particularly thought was nice was the subtle difference between the two backing dancers and the front woman (who I’m guessing is Bianca); there are slight changes in the routine when they break off from the main stream of things and do something different.

By the way, I’m not claiming to be some sort of expert; I just really love dancing, so if I sound pretentious…I’m definitely not trying to be. Just a supporter of the Arts over ‘hurrrrrr. Back to the dance; I thought the transitioning was silky smooth, from the 3-point to the diagonal line, and the mixture of masculine and feminine movements, it’s routines like this that inspire me to better myself as a dancer (an amateur one at that).

Now, please take this time to watch the video and see EXACTLY what I mean. And also, subscribe to BiancaJean3’s channel on YouTube, there’s some gems in there that you’ve got to see!

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