Sunday, 30 March 2014


So my name's Becca and I do English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia. I love all things creative so me and my other two bloggers decided to create a joint blog whereby we write on all types of things both collaboratively as well as individually.
We decided to be a bit different by doing a joint blog, talking about stuff in our lives that we love, but which combines our interests to make a super fun and interesting blog. So from lifestyle, to dance, books and fashion, this blog intends to talk about all sorts of different things.  We are all creative people who love writing, so we thought why not make a blog that captures this, as well as some cheeky videos too!

All doing creative courses, this blog creates a space in which to talk about aspects of our lives that we are passionate about and want to write on, and by doing this as a joint thing we believed would make it a little different from the regular blogs. For me, I love writing on all aspects of life, advicey stuff to things that I feel our particularly relevant at the moment. And I love a bit of baking so watch out for some recipes!  By making this a blog with three writers talking, we didn’t just want to stick to our own sections, so we also experience writing for each other’s so that we can get different takes on things! And using videos was a way we felt we could make the blog a little more interesting and visual and a great way to document our ideas instead of just writing about them! Definitely check out Mimi's and Myles' introductory posts to find out a little about them and what they are interested in! And keep updated on this blog as they will be lots to read and talk about as well as some fun videos about what we get up in the land of Norwich!

Becca x



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