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A student who LOVES glasses!

So, this is my first stab at the Fashion section…here I go!

I have bad eyesight, one of my eyes is worse than the other. It kicked in when I was about 13 years old maybe because I (for some very odd reason) liked to shine torches in my eyes. I was a very ODD child. Then, after having an eye exam I was told that I was going to need glasses, and you can imagine at this age I thought that the world was crashing down. I thought that having glasses would automatically put me in the category of ‘nerd/geek/weirdo’, but who knew it would turn into a fashion statement by the time I reached 17. Okay, that’s the end of reliving my childhood.

What inspired this post was that I noticed a lot of university students have prescriptions, yet they do not wear their glasses. One person who I spoke to said that they didn’t feel like they suited glasses, but neither did I when I had them…and now I can’t live without mine.

For many students, to buy the next pair of glasses that are in fashion at the time can be SUPER expensive, and we all know that once that student loan drops in it goes to rent, food and bills. So, I completely understand that buying new glasses isn’t always the best thing to do when faced with the looming overdraft. However, the thing about glasses are that they can frame your face in a way that no other accessory can, be it a chain or necklace. Coming to the conclusion of picking the right glasses at not so much of an expensive price is always the hardest thing to do. What I’m going to do is focus on the picking the right type of glasses first.

 Sometimes, you can make the wrong choice when it comes to picking the right type of glasses. So, here are my Dos and Don’ts when picking the right glasses for you:

1)  Don’t jump on the Trend Train 

Sometimes glasses on one person may not suit you, so don’t shed your entire loan on glasses that are fashionable but don’t suit you. Establish your style first!

2)   Shape of frame 

There are a tonne of frames that have different shapes. If you have quite a sharp profile and blocky head shape, go for a rounder frame to balance out your face. Vice versa if you have a rounder face, try a rectangular frame.


Since the return of the Wayfarer, everyone tries to buy either Ray Bans or those with a similar thick rimmed frame. Problem with this is, you can end up looking like a cartoon character, so start off with a thinner frame and establish where you stand.

4)  Eyebrows 

I think this just may be me, but if your lens go above your eyebrows, then maybe you could try to get smaller frames. No one wants to miss out on their eyebrows.

You may all completely disagree with me but that’s not entirely a bad thing, GO FORTH FRIENDS AND EXPERIMENT IN THE GLASSES WORLD. It is Fashion of course.

Now on to my second part; like me, we all know that most students are incredibly poor, so here’s my little gift to you.  There is a website known as SpecSuperstore which I have been a customer of for two years. Their service is amazing, their range is magnificent and they really do know about style. With summer coming closer as well, there is always a want to buy new shades and frames, so here’s the nice bit. SpecSuperstore sells all of these glasses that you’d find on the high street for almost up to 70% off with their sales. Amazing right? Well there’s more; they also give us lowly students 10% discount because we go to university. What better incentive to go and buy new glasses from them? Some people may have reservations with buying glasses online, but there is no need with SpecSuperstore.

They personally create the glasses, like at the opticians up the road, with your prescription and give you a guarantee on most of the products they sell. Being the silly man that I am, I ordered the wrong size for my glasses and they were more than happy to change them. It took a little time, but of course it would. SpecSuperstore is a great place to shop for the new glasses/sunglasses, but be weary and keep my Dos and Don’ts in mind.

That’s all from me folks, happy glasses shopping. Here’s the link to the Website:

From your newly fashion-orientated broski,




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