Sunday, 30 March 2014


Greetings to all of those who are reading this! So, I’m Myles, nice to meet you all. If you haven’t read the other posts done by the other writers on this blog…MAKE SURE YOU DO SO AFTER THIS, they’ve got a lot to say too.
Okay, so here I am! I write mainly about Music and Dance, which you shall all hopefully see soon, but I will also creep up on the odd Lifestyle or Fashion article somewhere or another. But yes, Music and Dance are two of my greatest passions. Honestly, if you gave me some headphones, any form of MP3 player, and a full-sized wall mirror…I would be the HAPPIEST man ever. I have come across a lot of Music articles, but not that many Dance ones, so I’m really interested in how people will take an article on the latest dance video or craze that I may write about. I’ll leave all of you to judge that.

I really do hope that the stuff I write about interests you. No one wants to come across something that is so mind-numbingly boring that you won’t be able to move on from…because it was SO boring! So if you are interested in Music, hopefully I’m your man. I like pretty much everything, from Pop and Rock, to R&B and Jazz, so hopefully there is something there that might tickle your fancy. Having been brought up in a mainly Motown and Soul musical environment, a lot of my tastes are quite different to that of a typical 20 year-old (bearing in mind that this sentence will be time-specific lol). However, I think because of this I am definitely open to listening to new things, that’s the best way to develop a real range of music tastes. Similarly, if you’re into a dance or two, or three, or even four…I am definitely your man. I’ve been dancing for quite some time now, mainly Hip Hop, and I’ve been able to work with so many talented people. So I will definitely be “putting in my two pence” (a little British slang there) about dances I’ve seen, dancers I find talented and inspiring, and my opinion about dance as a whole.

I don’t know about you, but I’m reallyexcited! These two things are things that I couldn’t see my future without. By 80 years of age, you’ll still catch me on the dance floor “dougie-ing” the night away with the best of them. Hopefully by then, I’ll still be writing too.

There are three of us that run this blog, Mimi, Becca and me #TheDreamTeam. So make sure you check out there introductions to you lovely people.

Let’s get this going! Grab a cuppa’ tea, a chair, maybe a biscuit, and enjoy!

From your musically inclined chum,




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