Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What do YOU listen to?

As for many student dorms or accommodation, we strive to be as comfortable as possible when it comes down to revision and generally living. Of course, living away from home does have its toll and can send the best of us into the spiralling pool of mess that are rooms somehow accumulate. I had a look at my room today, and I said to myself “what has happened”? As much as I don’t like to admit…my room was an absolute tip, and I know that many students find themselves in the same predicament as me.

What can we do? Sometimes, you can’t help but fling that tee to the corner or even that lone sock that will be forever lost in the jungle we call a bedroom. We get stressed; we are in a situation where we must look after ourselves as well as make sure we stay on top of our work. Time after time, something has to give way to something else, and in this case it’s the bedroom. I confess to be a mess during this period of exams, and sure some people may just say “well, clean it up”, but sometimes you get so comfortable in your mess that you start to forget that odd sock on your desk.

I found that having a messy room is the physical representation of the mind; a messing room equals a messy mind…and no one wants a messy mind at this time. Pieces of paper on the floor that could help with revision or exam prep may be lost under the mountain of jumpers, underwear and hats. This has to change. Now, when it comes down to dealing with this I turn to music. Music is the thing that makes laborious work move quicker, and is the catalyst to a tidy room.

The pace and energy in a song inspires a sense of energised work. If you are a gym goer, you probably already have a playlist for those moments on the treadmill. If you revise a lot in your room, you may decide to choose chilled or maybe even classical music. Or perhaps you’re that person that goes back to a cultural influence; bhangra, reggae or African? It all comes down to preference for an effective clean. If you’re one of the people, like me, who are currently living in a glorified cave, then get that playlist going. However, the question remains…

What do you listen to? Click here and decide on your favourite playlist.

From your hygiene-loving buddy,



Ephraim Luwemba 14 May 2014 at 18:10  

Music can also help you mess the room up in the first place. Testy thing, it is.


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