Friday, 11 April 2014

"I have a shopping addiction."

FACT! I am so obsessed with indulging in an act that provides me so much pleasure and fulfilment with a sprinkle of guilt on the side. As a university student, I cannot afford to be a “shop-a-holic”! As soon as that student loan enters my ever-so-empty bank account, a sudden urge consumes me. The next thing you know, I am on my own on a bus to town with my mind focused solely on what Topshop may have to offer me this time. This, my friends, is what I call a problem.

As an independent woman, I decided to stage an intervention on myself!

This post marks the start of my new “Fashion on a Budget” series aimed to help university students stay fashionable and gorgeous on a tight budget. I am going to be the test dummy for this. I have (reluctantly) given myself a 5 month probation period which will hopefully eliminate this constant urge to shop. The rules of this 5 month probation period are as follows:
  1. I must begin restoring clothes I do not wear through the act of “DIY”.
  2. I must not allow my parents or any other generous human being purchase any clothing items for me.
  3. I must be philanthropic and donate all the clothes I do not wear to charity.
I know what you must be thinking guys, how will I abstain from such an addictive activity? There is an exception! I am allowed to shop a maximum of three times during this probation period, one of which will be an online shop (I cannot live without ASOS). Do not fret chums, there are rules that I do have to adhere to:
  • I am only allowed to shop when I am with Myles and/or Becca. This will ensure that my spending is being monitored. 
  • I am only allowed to spend a total of £150 (not £150 per shopping trip, £150 collectively. Trust me, this will be hard for me)
In order to begin my process, I need to observe myself and try and pinpoint my personal style. This will help me understand what I do and do not need to spend money on and what I do and do not wear regularly. As I am person who does love to go above and beyond, I have captured the observations made and put them into a little video for you all (SURPRISE!!).

Hope you enjoy!

Love Mimi x



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