Friday, 4 April 2014

And While We Were Here...

As a Media student, one of the best parts of my degree is that I get to analyse all different types of media. This is a perk because it gives me the perfect excuse to laze around in an oversized t-shirt and shorts with my hair up in a bun and simply watch films and eat crap every single night.

Being a person who has to study films, it has almost become natural for me to analyse every single element of it. I notice all the flaws and the points of genius. I attempt to understand why each line is said, why a specific piece of music is being used, why it is set in that specific place and why each character is dressed the way they are.

Recently, I watched a film called And While We Were Here with the beautiful Kate Bosworth. It is essentially about a woman who goes by the name of Jane who travelled to Italy with her husband Leonard where she happens to meet a dashing young fellow named Cabel who brings fun and youthfulness back into her life. I must say that the film is pretty scandalous (SPOILER ALERT: Jane gets a bit comfy with little Caleb, *wink wink*).  Let me be honest with you all! This film is not one to scream and shout about HOWEVER one thing that is definitely worth mentioning is the FASHION.

I have always been a fan of European fashion. Every outfit worn by Kate Bosworth was the epitome of classic European chic.

 Set in the beautiful country that is Italy, the outfits Kate Bosworth wears compliment the very tranquil and serene atmosphere. Neutral colours, the contrast of tailored items and loose items, the blouses, the chinos – absolutely flawless.

One thing I cannot ignore is how BEAUTIFUL Kate Bosworth. Her perfectly symmetrical face and chiselled bone structure is one that is envied by many. Her makeup is so minimal that, to many, it would seem as if she is bare faced. A flawless base, nude lips, emphasis on the brows - effortless. She has her hair tied back in most scenes drawing attention to her amazing bone structure whilst creating such an elegant yet effortless look.

It was not only female fashion that caught my beady eye, the male fashion was just as intriguing.

In my opinion, whoever cast both Leonard (Jane’s husband) and Cabel’s (Jane’s new lover) characters is a clever human. Both male characters dressed completely differently! Their looks mirrored their character and provided us with a snippet into their personality.

Leonard (left) is usually suited and booted in this film. He always looks extremely polished with his perfect hair and sharp outfits. The tailored shorts and button up shirt is one of the classic combinations European men where on a casual day out. Caleb’s style (right) is the perfect depiction of the youthful, carefree fashion of today. A plain vest showing off his tattoos, messy hair and a simple necklace that probably has sentimental value – his look is the one sported by most young men these days. 

And While We Were Here wasn't the best of films however it did serve the purpose of making me question certain aspects of life and different interactions. Who knew that one moment could lead to a life being changed and an epiphany being reached? If you ever have an opportunity to do something daring or risky, CEASE THE DAY because it may be too late.

In the words of the great Beyonce, stay FLAWLESS!!

Love Mimi x



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