Sunday, 3 August 2014

Exercise blogging

I feel if I blog about this I may actually be better at sticking to it – the whole exercise thing. I hate not being active so this summer was the chance to break this, while I have a bit more time away from the work of uni which makes it a bit harder to fit exercise into the week. I want to start keeping up a bit more of a regular exercise pattern, which is kinda difficult for someone who doesn’t exercise as much as they should. So I’ve started the process of this, by going swimming, my favourite form of exercise. As well as this, I’ve got my running shoes back on – although I sort of hate running as it makes me feel like I’m more unfit than I thought. Although, I’m going to do it anyway, as that will surely get better as I do. Plus, I brought running shoes, which for some reason, does make it easier in persuading me to go for a run.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean spending loads at a gym, so here are some tips for living a healthy lifestyle over summerrrr.


  • Summer can be a difficult time to do intense exercise because of the heat, so it’s better to do it in short bursts. Apparently having a cold shower before you exercise is actually better for you if you’re exercising in high temperatures. I tried running when it was really hot and it just doesn't work.
  • Plan exercise into your day – even just walking or biking somewhere instead of getting the bus is good.
  • Drink all the time – I’ve started drinking a lot more water recently and it’s surprising how much difference it can make.
  • Keeping a blog helps to record what you've achieved. Monitoring your exercise for the day or week makes it more accountable.
  • Get a running buddy – for when the motivation is low. That way it becomes more of a social thing.
  • Don’t make it boring – do exercise and classes that you enjoy.
  • If you running during the summer, avoid doing it on asphalt as it absorbs heat and will make it even hotter – therefore head to your local park to run on grass or gravel.




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