Sunday, 30 March 2014


Welcome to MindBodyMode! A blog created by myself and my two beautiful chums, Myles and Becca. My name is Mimi and I represent the "Mode" from MindBodyMode! I will be writing about all things fashion. So for your regular fashion fix, I’m your girl! From me, you can expect a whole range of posts. From "How I Style" posts to the odd "DIY" post, I've got it covered!

As a writer for my university newspaper, I have been sent around campus on countless occasions on the hunt for people who I believe have great style to photograph them. Through this, I have discovered two things:

1.       I have an extreme fear of talking people I do not know.
2.       Personal style is a beautiful thing.

I believe that style is individual and is a reflection of the person in question. It allows people around you to get a sense of your personality and mood. This is why I will focus less on what I wear and more on what YOU wear! I do not ever want to be the one telling people what to wear instead I want to celebrate and appreciate everyone’s individuality. Let’s just say that, the fashion section of “MindBodyMode” will be very different to many of the fashion blogs floating around.

Although my main focus will be fashion, you see me pop on Myles’ music section and Becca’s lifestyle section once in a blue moon. I have a crazy obsession with music and, funnily enough, that influences a lot of my outfit choices. I bet I am not the only person on the face of this earth that who has put on BeyoncĂ©’s Partition before a night out and ended up wearing one of the most daring outfits in my wardrobe.  Along with music, I will delve into the whole lifestyle side of things. I must admit, I’m not the best cook however I do know a thing or two about restaurants, fitness, and I give pretty good advice (if I do say so myself).

Well I hope you enjoyed this little introductory post. I look forward to the writing!

Lots of love,

Mimi x



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