Monday, 7 April 2014

Justin Timberlake - Let the Groove Get In

I’m not sure if I’ve come across one person that doesn’t like Justin Timberlake. Being the triple threat superstar that he is, it’s a given that his songs either hit an emotional heart string or hidden dance move in everyone.


Once again, one of my friends was lucky enough to see him in concert recently and of course put a video on the ol’ Facebook of the performance. Even though I wasn't able to go to the actual 20/20 Experience Tour, I did listen to many of the songs in the album; one that got me grooving was his track Let The Groove Get In. Now, this particular song definitely gets me up on my feet. For some reason, it reminds me of the music in Brazil; the start of the song has a very South American vibe and continues as a song that sounds like you would hear it at a Brazilian festival. The songs spurs your inner dancer and you find yourself moving without realising.


The harmonies and falsettos in this entire song always seems to justify that Mr. Timberlake definitely has the right to be held in such esteem as a professional and a very talented artist. Towards the end of the song, its style changes and it becomes more of a soulful sound, one that I was very drawn to as it didn’t sound as if it were part of the song. This part of the song attracted me the most and pretty much spurred me on to find out if there were any routines or choreography done to this song…and there were!


Anthony Lee and the dance group Culture Shock Los Angeles on YouTube really made me excited about the possibility with a dance to this song. The amazing transitions and canons in this routine are so visually stimulating that you can’t help but accidently miss something. Therefore, this routine is one that you have to watch more than once.

Sometimes, quantity overthrows quality but that is not the case with this choreography; it seems as though the more people in this choreography the better. The moment when the two lines move in a circular motion around the middle line is probably one of my favourite; they seem to continue the routine whilst running to their next position and staying in time. I appreciate the precision in the routine, even with the mass of dancers. I think it’s something that really showcases the talent of Culture Shock Los Angeles as a whole. The whole routine shows off the groove of the song, mixing accuracy with pure fun, and presents a dynamic and visually exciting routine. Anthony Lee’s YouTube channel is definitely one to watch out for and learn from because it’s filled with amazing choreography. 

Here’s the video, make sure you watch it!

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