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Okay, so I’m a little bit behind the other two with my blog post, mainly because of revision getting in the way, BUT I have finally got round to writing it so here we are! … And for this reason I decided to stick with the theme!

SO, here are some tips on how to be good at revising…

Organise your study space - For me, I can’t work in places that are crammed full of things so I have to organise my work space! Having only what you need with you will help you to start your work with a clear mind! And also, find a quiet space! Whether that be your bedroom, library or café – find a place without too many people as this can be a way to get easily distracted.

Have plenty of tea breaks - Honestly without tea in my life I probably wouldn't survive university! Breaks are really important in order to make your revision worthwhile and so revising in bursts of 30-45 minutes with 20 minute breaks in between is likely to make your study more productive! So grab a cup of tea and escape the work for a bit.

Snack on brain food - Stay away from junk-food! At this time you may not feel like cooking properly, but snacking on unhealthy things is probably going to impact badly on your study! Foods that are good for memory and concentration will be things like fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt and fruit! It’s worth keeping your energy levels up with nutritious foods instead of sugary snacks that will make your energy levels crash quickly!

Study with friends - Revising with other people and sharing notes can be a useful way to not only enhance your knowledge but also make sure you don’t isolate yourself too much during exam time! Having different views and opinions on something will broaden you understanding (and vice versa) and providing you stay focused on what it is you are studying, it can be one of the best ways to challenge yourself!

Plan - Most things I do in my life are organised by lists! Without a list I’m lost, so it definitely helps to bring in a bit of organisation and order into hectic study time! It makes you feel productive without necessarily doing a lot and it can be the motivation you need to get going! And ticking things off is definitely satisfying! Similarly, making a revision timetable can also be useful, as long as it doesn't take so long that you don’t end up actually doing the revision! Putting your goals into something visual can help reduce stress because you can see what you need to do and by when!

Exercise - I’d put this alongside the eating well tip! Exercise is a good study break and doing it with friends is a great way to get out! Intense study can leave us feeling a bit rubbish, so exercise is brilliant for our own well-being. It increases oxygen, boosting productivity and reducing stress and tiredness! I’m definitely trying to stick to this one this week by going swimming to balance out the study!

Don’t multitask - Planning your day so you know when you’re going to be revising will make sure that you aren't at risk of multi-tasking! We've all been guilty of having so many tabs open whilst trying to revise that we aren't really focused! Coming off Facebook will make sure when you’re revising your concentration is on that and only that!

See friends - Seeing friends is important! Most students have gone back for the Easter holidays, and although it’s the revision period, catching up with friends you probably haven’t seen for the past 3 months seems a good enough excuse to get away from work! It’s not all about study so my motto here is WORK HARD AND PLAY… NOT QUITE AS HARD.

Be positive - Revising is a difficult time for most students. But not every successful person in life has aced every single exam, and therefore, study, although important, isn't everything. So by following this tips will make for successful revision whilst still being able to enjoy life!

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