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But after a busy semester of work, nights outs and the general randomness of university life, what are we meant to do when we go home away from this lifestyle for a bit? Be bored, go on the tough hunt to get a job, or trying to secure an internship? It is a bit of a nightmare trying to plan your summer when you’re back home for several months away from the buzz of university.

But there are definitely ways to save yourself from the 4 long months of boredom. Whether you are a first, second or third year, it’s never to early to start thinking of what you want to do after university, so putting this first when you come to plan your summer is always a good thing to do.

Volunteering – an awesome thing to put on your CV because you’re giving up your time to do something useful without the bonus of getting paid for it. It sometimes shows more about you than if you were to get a paid job. Abroad or in your local charity shop, anything counts. Universities encourage volunteering, and often provide the chance to go abroad to do so. International Citizen Service (ICS), are a government funded scheme that helps 18-25 years to go on a life-changing trip to help fight poverty in both the UK and oversea communities. A great thing to put on your CV, whatever you want to do! Or if you want to volunteer on a little more of a low-key scale, asking around in your local charity shop is always a sure-fire way to gain volunteer experience. And if you are looking for something a little more specific so that it relates to what you want to do after your degree,  emailing a company  with a polite message stating your interest in what they do and suggesting a possible chance to meet up for a chat can sometimes be a good way to get some experience.

Or if you want to completely get away from work for a bit, festivals can be a great place to volunteer as well as being a good way to see you favourite bands for free!  With so many amazing festivals around, whether you want to stay local or travel a bit further, there are plenty to choose from. For example, Latitude, a local festival in Suffolk welcomes volunteers every year and provides them with free entrance to the festival.  On the other hand, festivals in Europe can often be a cheaper alternative to ones in the UK. Croatia is a hotspot for festivals over the summer period such as Hideout and Dimensions. The fact it’s not as over commercialised compared to places like Ibiza means it’s often cheaper and less crowded.

Similarly, travelling with friends can be a fun thing to do. But leaving the country doesn’t necessarily mean having to put you further into your overdraft. Travel can be the expensive part of a holiday, but with the introduction of the Megabus, you can now travel to places like Paris and Amsterdam for a fraction of the price compared to other means of transport. Similarly, staying in an expensive hotel doesn’t always have to be the answer! With lots of hostels all over the country as well as abroad, they are ideal for travelling students who don’t want to overspend on pricey accommodation. StudentUniverse, a website designed specifically to give you the cheapest hotels all over the world, provide students with a quick and easy solution to expensive accommodation. Not only this, they provide cheap flights and student deals too.

Or if you don’t fancy travelling long distances this summer, then why not catch up with friends you’ve not seen for a while. Getting together after you’re all home from university and having a great summer doesn’t always mean spending lots. For example, garden BBQ’s are a great way to catch up with friends without breaking the bank. Sometimes, taking the summer to start on your reading lists for the next year of study, or just taking sometime out for yourself can be beneficial. Get creative, have some fun, and make the most of the long summer months that you probably won’t get again!

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